Bobby Schindler is President of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, Senior Fellow at Americans United for Life, and Associate Scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Bobby advocates for the medically vulnerable in honor of Terri Schiavo, his sister. He speaks internationally, and can be booked for speaking through Ambassador or Catholic Speakers Organization.

Advocating for
medically vulnerable persons

As a result of my experiences fighting for my sister Terri, I’ve devoted my life to advocacy for medically vulnerable persons. Since 2005, through our non-profit organization, the Terri Schaivo Life & Hope Network, we’ve assisted more than 3,000 patients and families in crisis with the resources they’ve needed to fight for their loved ones. I’m grateful for your willingness to learn how these vulnerable persons face denial/withdraw of care by their physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies—those very people and institutions that should be helping them.

Woman Who Fought Back From Devastating Crash Walks Marathon

(Eastern Daily Press) – A woman who suffered life threatening injuries in a crash abroad four years ago that meant she had to learn how to walk and talk all over again, has just completed a challenge to walk a marathon distance over two consecutive days. Zara Dyer, 33, was working as a scuba diving […]

Vatican Reaffirms Euthanasia is ‘Intrinsically Evil Act’

(National Catholic Register) — In a new document released Tuesday, the Vatican’s doctrinal office reaffirmed the Church’s perennial teaching on the sinfulness of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and recalled the obligation of Catholics to accompany the sick and dying through prayer, physical presence, and the sacraments. The document also addressed the pastoral care of Catholics […]

KC Officer Shot in the Head Called a ‘Miracle’

(The Rolla Daily News) — A Kansas City, Missouri, police officer who was shot in the head two months ago is now back in Kansas City. The Kansas City Star reports that police spokesman Jacob Becchina said Thursday that the officer had been receiving treatment at a rehabilitation facility out of state. He has returned […]