Killing as a Career Choice

(By Bobby Schindler) – You have probably heard by now that Dr. Jack Kevorkian was released early from prison last week for “good behavior” after serving only eight years of his 10- to 25-year sentence following his conviction for second-degree murder.

He was convicted for killing a man – by lethal injection – that had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – a murder he had the audacity to videotape and release to “60 Minutes” in an effort to promote the legalization of assisted suicide.

You might have even had an opportunity to witness the news footage of Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” warmly embracing the doctor as he left prison. Perhaps you watched the interview with Mr. Wallace that aired this past Sunday giving rise to the “hero’s welcome” that has begun for the man who takes pride in the moniker “Dr. Death.”

This will undoubtedly continue as our mainstream media attempts to give the “doctor” a national audience to use his “plight” as a reason to legalize assisted suicide – allegedly for the terminally ill.

However, during the interview, not surprisingly, Mr. Wallace failed to make any mention of the fact that not only were over half of Kevorkian’s 130 victims not terminally ill, but a number were suffering primarily from depression and had no serious physical ailments whatsoever. The autopsies performed on his patients exposed this disturbing truth.

Even more alarming, however, is that no one ever mentions Kevorkian’s very real and very troubling fixation with death.

But this comes as no surprise, because I saw the same treatment given to Michael Schiavo’s attorney, George Felos, during the battle to save my sister Terri Schiavo.

While the secular media constantly scrutinized the attorneys representing my parents as coming from the mold of the “religious right,” Felos was given a free pass in spite of his activism on behalf of euthanasia and some of the very real and very alarming obsessions with death he shares with Kevorkian.

One would expect that if people like Jack Kevorkian and George Felos are going to push for the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, and use a national platform to spread their ideology, the media would act properly and divulge all of the relevant information about how these two individuals think.

Moreover, if people are considering falling for their arguments in favor of assisted suicide, they need only to look at these disturbed individuals who are actively promoting it to realize that this is not the answer.

When you compare an article written by Jeff Hooton regarding Jack Kevorkian with some of what George Felos has written in his own book (as taken from the article “Portrait of a Spiritual Killer” by Ben Wiker) you can begin to understand that these two appear to have a ghastly love affair with death.

Kevorkian carried around a camera while he was a medical resident to photograph patients’ eyes at the moment of death and would experiment with transfusing blood from corpses into live patients. Felos admitted that he could “speak” to the incognizant via his stomach, a practice he refereed to as “soul speak,” and also assured one of his clients that it was “OK to leave your body and die now.”

Kevorkian, who considers himself an accomplished artist, would mix cadaver blood with his own, using it to paint the frame for one of his works. He produced several paintings filled with detached organs and severed heads. Felos admitted to having visions of “the side of his throat cut and blood gushing from his carotid artery” and watching his “hot red blood darken” on the floor.

Kevorkian said that carbon monoxide gives a corpse a “lovely glow.” And who could ever forget when Felos told the world that Terri “looked beautiful” and that he had “never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her” as she lay dying of dehydration. How can anyone turn a blind eye to such a ghoulish and offensive comment, knowing full well that someone who has gone without food or water for almost two weeks looks about as “beautiful” as a victim of Auschwitz?

Instead of the media insisting that these two are acting out of “compassion” for those who are “asking” to be killed, perhaps they should be investigating their bizarre writings and beliefs in the same way they did supporters of Terri’s life.

Because not only are these lovers of death out advocating their belief regarding death and dying to the very naive and accepting public, but what should alarm us even more is whether or not these two death-obsessed minds are out looking for new patients or clients upon which to further their dark agendas.