Scientists REVERSE Brain Damage in 2-Year-Old Using Oxygen Therapy

Eden Carlson

(Daily Mail) – Oxygen therapy has cured a three-year-old girl of brain damage after she almost drowned in a swimming pool, scientists claim.

Eden Carlson was two years old when she pushed her way through the baby gate and a heavy door, then jumped into the family pool in Arkansas last February. When her mother found her, she was lying face-down and motionless.

After two hours of CPR and 17 EpiPen shots, her heart started beating again, but doctors warned she would be confined to a vegetative state for the rest of her life. Now, in what is thought to be a world first, Eden is running, talking, and laughing with as much energy as before – after undergoing 40 rounds of oxygen therapy.

The results were so stark and Eden’s MRI scans so clearly improved that her case has been published in a medical journal, Medical Gas Research. CONTINUE