Girl Makes Remarkable Recovery After Crash Leaves Her with TBI

Lila Tuttle

(KCRG) – An 8-year-old Des Moines girl is making a remarkable recovery after she was seriously injured by a drunken driver. Lawrence McKenzie, 54, is charged with OWI in connection with the May 24 crash that put Lila Tuttle in a coma.

Lila was walking when she was hit by a pickup truck near 48th Street and College Avenue in Des Moines. More than two months later, her doctors said they’re amazed by her recovery.

Taking even a few steps is something Lila’s family feared she might never do again. “Every day she’s been getting stronger,” said her mother, Abby Tuttle. “Every day she is doing something new.”

Lila was unrecognizable right after the crash. A traumatic brain injury left her unable to talk or walk. CONTINUE