Family of Toddler: They Gave Us the Option to “Let Her Go”

Gia Faye Sam

(Fox 40) – A 2-year-old girl who suffered a severe brain injury in May, allegedly at the hands of her 16-year-old babysitter, is making remarkable strides in her recovery.

“Basically that she would never recognize me again. She’d never walk, talk, breathe on her own, eat on her own. That’s what they said. And they gave us the option to let her go, as peacefully as possible, if we wanted,” Jessica Lamar said.

Lamar’s 2-year-old daughter Gia Faye Sam was airlifted from her home in Brownsville to UC Davis Medical Center in May.

At the time, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office told FOX40 that after deputies interviewed the babysitter, a trusted friend of the family, as well as the victim’s siblings who were present during the incident, it was determined that the babysitter injured Gia while attempting to discipline her. CONTINUE