Woman’s Determined Recovery After Brain Injury While Jogging

Joanna Brown

(BBC News) – I had this overwhelming sense something was bad, something was really wrong. It was quite a hilly run, so I thought perhaps I was just too tired for it.

It was only two miles in and it was meant to be six or seven miles that we were going to do, so I was thinking ‘oh no, I should have stayed at home’. I’d only been living with my partner Alun for three weeks. We’d moved to Seven Sisters in Neath Port Talbot and I decided I was going to go running with a local club to meet some new people while he went out to watch the football.

We were about two miles into the run when I started to feel strange. I didn’t actually have any symptoms as such, I just had a gut feeling that something was really wrong.

I alerted the person I was with that I wasn’t feeling quite right and we agreed to have a little breather for a minute. I just assumed I was too hot and that I was dehydrated. I didn’t want to say too much at that point because I was quite embarrassed. I thought ‘what are these people going to think of me?’ CONTINUE