Mother in Coma Heard Everything, Including Doctors Plans to Remove Life Support

Lyndee Brown

( – Three little words changed an Arizona family’s entire outlook as they stood at their mother’s deathbed.

Doctors thought Lyndee Brown Pellettiere-Swapp, 47, was dying and would never wake from her coma. But soon after she was removed from life support, Pellettiere-Swapp said three words out loud: “I’m a fighter.”

The Daily Mail reports Pellettiere-Swapp was not brain dead but locked-in, a condition where she could hear things around her but was unable to respond or move.

Her family found her unconscious one day back in 2015 and rushed her to the hospital. She suffered several seizures, and after 12 days in the hospital, doctors said her organs were failing. They said the best option would be to turn off her life support, according to the report.

Doctors told her husband and children that she would never come out of her coma, and there was nothing more to be done. CONTINUE