Cheerleader, Critically Injured in Crash, Walks At Senior Night

Ayanna Herrold

(WHEC) – Something remarkable happened at Brockport High School on Friday night… A 17-year old cheerleader, critically injured in a car crash did something no one thought would be possible just a few weeks ago. Ayanna Herrold walked out on the football field with her parents to celebrate senior night.

It was just after 8 a.m. on August 1, 2017 when 17-year old Ayanna Herrold was driving along the Lake Ontario State Parkway. She wasn’t texting or speeding but somehow her car went off the road and struck a number of trees. “I don’t remember any of it,” Ayanna tells News10NBC. Her injuries put her into an immediate coma. A nurse traveling behind her saw the crash and pulled over to help. A NYS trooper also happened to be seconds away. “I told both of them they must have been my guardian angels that day,” Ayanna says.

Ayanna credits the nurse and the trooper with saving her life but her recovery has been excruciating. She was in a coma for a week, when she woke up her entire left side was in paralysis from a traumatic brain injury. Over the past ten weeks, she has spent hundreds of hours in therapy trying to regain her speech and the use of her left arm and leg. CONTINUE