Teen Gets Van After Life-Changing Car Crash

Christina Guana

(KVUE) – Christina Guana is fortunate to have a video of her 15-year-old daughter, Brianna, from two years ago. It is the most treasured, yet tragic video because it is the last time she heard her daughter’s voice. “She was into sports, she had a lot of friends, she was into cheerleading,” Christina said. “She loved to sing. She just had this happy, free spirit to her.”

The free-spirited teen’s voice was silenced on Sept. 13, 2015. “She was at the intersection of Johnny Morris and Loyola and there’s a four-way intersection right there. She was struck (by a car) at the intersection,” recalled her mom.

Suffering serious injuries and with no identification, officers didn’t know who to contact. It took five hours to connect the dots and find her mother. “They just told me they had a teenage girl at Brackenridge hospital that they needed to be identified. I walked in and I noticed her right off the bat,” Christina said.

Tubes and machines were keeping her daughter alive. “Initially we weren’t sure she was going to come out of it,” she said. CONTINUE