Doc Secretly Euthanizes Nursing Home Patient, Says She Would Kill Again


( – A Jewish old-people’s home in British Columbia, Canada, has filed a complaint against a doctor who euthanised one of their residents without consulting the home.

Vancouver’s Louis Brier Nursing Home say that Dr Ellen Wiebe gave “medical assistance in dying (MAiD)” to Barry Hyman without consulting with his nursing staff, who found out about the procedure “well after” it had been carried out.

The Jewish run care home have accused Wiebe of “borderline unethical” behaviour, and have filed a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“It was hidden,” said CEO David Keselman. “There’s no documentation. She came in and I don’t know who you are. You can tell me you’re a physician, you could tell me you’re an astronaut, how do I know?

“Imagine the implications for our staff and our residents and their families,” he said. “We have a lot of Holocaust survivors. To have a doctor sneak in and kill someone without telling anyone. They’re going to feel like they’re at risk when you learn someone was sneaking in and killing someone.” CONTINUE