Quadriplegic Regains Feeling Through Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Laura Dominquez Tauer

(ChurchMilitant.com) – A woman who is unable to walk is regaining feeling throughout her body after trying adult stem cell therapy.

In 2001, Laura Dominguez-Tauer broke her neck when her car lost control and crashed. At 16, she became a quadriplegic and was told she would never walk again. Not content with American doctors’ advice to accept her condition, her father, Abel Dominguez, found a treatment in Portugal using adult stem cells that offered hope.

Six months after the treatment, Dominguez remembered regaining feeling in her toes while her mother was painting her toenails.

“More and more feeling started to come back in my body, and now I can pretty much feel most of it,” she told Daily Mail in 2014.

“Before the stem cell procedure, I wasn’t able to move very much,” she said, adding, “and then after the procedure, I’m able to get up. I’m able to stand and walk around a little bit with help.”

Church Militant spoke with Dr. David Prentice, an international expert on stem cells and the vice president and research director of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, about adult and embryonic stem cells. Doctor Prentice explained that most adult stem cells “are obtained from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood (taken after the baby is born) because those tissues also have the highest concentration of adult stem cells.” He noted that “almost every tissue in the body has some adult stem cells, including liposuctioned fat.” CONTINUE