Please Sign Petition to Protect Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients!


End of life decision making has been protected under Oregon statute for almost 25 years.

Last year, pro-life advocates across the nation took action and stopped Senate Bill 494, which would have removed some of these protections. This legislative session, SB 494 has been reintroduced in the Oregon Legislature as House Bill 4135.

HB 4135 changes the statutory form of Oregon’s Advance Directive, but in the process will no longer protect Oregonians’ end-of-life healthcare choices.

It is important to keep HB 4135 from becoming law to keep protections for people who have a mental illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia but are still able to eat and drink.

Without these protections, these patients are at risk of losing their right to food and water. SIGN by CLICKING HERE