France’s ‘Terri Schiavo’ Gains a Reprieve

Vincent-Lambert - Copy

(LifeSiteNews) – At long last, there is hope for Vincent Lambert. France’s “Terri Schiavo”, whose feeding tube was supposed to been pulled a few days ago because a doctor, Vincent Sanchez of the University Hospital of Reims, north of Paris, had decided that feeding him was equivalent to “therapeutic obstinacy”, has gained a reprieve.

In emergency proceedings brought before the administrative tribunal of Châlons-en-Champagne, Viviane and Pierre, Vincent’s parents and two siblings have obtained the one thing that can bring about the tetraplegic, brain-damaged patient’s transferral to a special unit for minimally conscious persons, where he would at last receive proper care and stimulation to help him eat through the mouth and communicate with the outer world.

Judge Olivier Nizet did not order the immediate removal of the 41-year-old man from the hospital where he has technically been kept prisoner in a room that has even been under electronic lock for these last three years, nor did he declare Dr Sanchez’ decision illegal, as Viviane and Pierre Lambert’s legal team had requested. CONTINUE