‘Miracle Girl’ Walks Again After Doctors Declared Her Brain Dead

Mackinlee Anderson

(The Christian Post) – An Australian girl who doctors said was almost completely brain-dead just over eight months ago has defied the odds by walking again on her own power. She’s now known as the “miracle girl.”

Last September, 6-year-old Mackinlee Anderson was involved in a serious car accident that left her grandmother dead and her mother and brother injured. The accident, which happened in Port Macquarie, involved three cars, a utility vehicle and a truck.

Anderson suffered various injuries including a broken pelvis in three places, a broken femur, a ruptured bladder, a dislocated hip, paralysis on her left side and most serious of all, extensive brain injury.

According to Anderson’s online fundraising page, a neurosurgeon declared that the child was 99.8 percent brain-dead and told her mother, Kylee Anderson, that there wasn’t much hope for her daughter.

Anderson’s injuries required her to be placed on life support and undergo an extensive 13-hour surgery. The child spent 15 days in the intensive care unit. CONTINUE