Teen Recovering After Horrific Dirt Bike Accident

Cole Cheney

(The Telegraph) – He was in a small room at the school, focused on turning on music for a morning weightlifting class. He turned around and, for a brief moment, thought he was hallucinating.

Cole Cheney stood in the doorway, grinning.

“It really almost brought tears to my eyes because I hadn’t seen him in so long and I was so excited to see him,” Knight said. “I hadn’t seen him since he’d been home, so being able to talk to him and get the old Cole back was pretty special.”

Weeks before, Cheney, a Syracuse High junior and running back on the football team, was in a horrific dirt biking accident at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Juab County near Jericho.

It was Easter Sunday, the last ride of the day before Cheney’s group of family friends was supposed to head home. Cheney went off a jump on his dirt bike — just like he’d done pretty much his whole life — and landed head first on the roll bar of an ATV that pulled into the landing zone.

Cheney suffered a fractured skull, a brain bruise, two broken vertebrae and loss of blood. He was saved by two emergency medical technicians who happened to be near the sand dune where he landed.

He was flown to a Provo hospital where he was put in a coma and rushed into emergency brain surgery. CONTINUE