Player in Deadly Bus Collision Out of Coma, Making Progress

Lane Matechuk

(paNow) – The family of Humboldt player Layne Matechuk released a statement via the Saskatchewan Health Authority today to thank supporters and medical staff after their son sustained a brain injury during the team’s bus crash on April 6.

The former Prince Albert Minto remains in hospital for rehabilitation after waking up from a months’ long coma and members are asking the public to #believe with them as he shows improvements.

Here is the family’s statement in full:

On April 6, 2018, our family was forever changed like so many others. After spending the first month in a coma, Layne is now awake and making steady progress. He has suffered from a brain injury and the journey ahead will not be easy. He has not yet been able to speak. However, each day, he gets a little stronger and we are getting signs from him about what he is thinking.

He doesn’t appear to know what has happened. And while we see his frustration, we also see his determination. Layne has always had to work hard to achieve his success. While growing up, as other kids played after school, he would be at the rink working towards his dream of playing hockey. It was all he ever wanted to do. And for a while, he lived that dream. CONTINUE