On the Road to Recovery Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Brian Tamburrelli

(KSAZ) — The lives of one local family changed in an instant. That moment came, when the father of that family was hit by a car while walking home. The man, Brian Tamburrelli, suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been in the hospital ever since that fateful day on February 22.

On that cool winter night, Brian was hit by a car after a work function. Since then, they’ve been fighting to get back to their normal.

“We live right near Top Golf in Gilbert, and it was nice out so he decided to walk home and he was hit by a car walking home,” said Brian’s wife, Jenna Tamburrelli.

On the outside, Brian suffered a few scuffs and scrapes, but on the inside, things were unfortunately much worse. The accident left Brain with a Traumatic Brain Injury, with most of the damage to the back and the left side of his brain. Since the accident, Brian has been in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jenna and their two kids, six-year-old Carducci and four-year-old Duelli have never left Brian’s side. CONTINUE