Woman Defies Her Doctors Who Said She Wouldn’t Survive

Judy Godsey

(Daily Mail) – This inspirational woman has shared her recovery from a traumatic brain injury and defied doctors who said she wouldn’t survive the night after her car was ‘t-boned’ by a speeding vehicle – and she can now deadlift an impressive 111-kilograms in the gym.

In March 2001, mom-of-three Judy Godsey, 57, from Charlotte, North Carolina was on the way to the supermarket when her life was changed forever. As she turned out of the street where she lives, she was hit by a speeding car that ‘t-boned’ the vehicle she was driving.

With no recollection of the traumatic event herself, an unconscious Judy was then released from the wreckage by firefighters using Jaws of Life.

The accident left Judy with an open head wound and pelvis broken in three places, she was diagnosed with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and developed pneumonia.

Doctors told Judy’s devastated husband of 35-years, Raleigh, that she may not survive the night. Defying medics, she survived and was then in a coma for a week. CONTINUE