‘Every Single Day is a Gift’: This Dying Man Openly Opposed Assisted Suicide

JJ Hanson

(Washington Post) – There was a time — several months after J.J. Hanson was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, but several years before he died from it — when, he once said, he might have considered ending it all.

The husband and father said in 2015 that the previous year, he learned that he had a Grade 4 brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme and was given four months to live.

He had been fighting the cancer, but now, sick in bed and worried about becoming a burden to his family, he was lost in his thoughts.

“I was done,” he said. “Done.”

“Would this be easier if I just gave up — if I just said, ‘This is too much of a burden on my family, the pain is difficult, I don’t want to deal with this?’ What if I just said I’ve had enough and ended it,” J.J., president of the Patients’ Rights Action Fund, said in two videos recently released by the organization, which opposes the legalization of physician-assisted death. CONTINUE