Cancer Survivor Miraculously Recovers From ‘Universally Fatal’ Internal Decapitation

Brock Meister

(Interesting Engineering) – As a child, Plymouth resident Brock Meister survived the unthinkable. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and somehow made it through.

A young man who six years earlier beat brain cancer is now recovering from an injury that proves all too often fatal.

Six years later, tragedy hit again in the form of a traumatic injury. When driving last January, Meister was in a crash that lead to his skull separating from his spine.

Lucky for the now 22-year old man, the same doctor that successfully treated his cancer was there to help him recover from the nearly always devastating injury. Beacon Medical Group neurosurgeon Dr. Kashif Shaikh had already witnessed Meister overcome the inconceivable as a kid.

Nevertheless, the nature of the new emergency shocked the experienced doctor who got the page and images from the accident at 2 AM. “I had to check twice to make sure I was looking at the right patient’s picture – it’s such an uncommon injury and an even less common injury to survive,” said Shaikh in a statement. CONTINUE