Mom is ‘Trusting God for a Miracle’ After Football Player’s Brain Injury

Christion Abercrombie

(Faith Wire) – The family of a Tennessee State University football player has said they are “trusting God” after he was suffered a severe head injury during a game against Vanderbilt.

Christion Abercrombie, 20, headed to the sideline following the impact, complaining of a headache. Then, he collapsed. The linebacker was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery for a serious brain injury. Despite showing some signs of improvement, he is still listed as being in critical condition.

After reviewing footage of the incident, it was concluded that no foul play occurred. “It was just a football play,” TSU coach Rod Reed said Sunday morning on his sports radio show. “He was taking on a block and it wasn’t anything malicious or dirty or anything like that. Just an unfortunate situation.”

As Abercromie begins his slow road to recovery, his family is choosing to place their hope in God. CONTINUE