‘Defying Doctor’s’: 5-Year-Old Recovering After Accident Left Her in Coma

Leah Dinchak

(NBC 5 Chicago) – A 5-year-old north suburban girl is defying doctor’s expectations. NBC 5 first introduced you to Leah Dinchak in August through pictures after a tragic accident left her in a coma.

She is awake now, and she continues rehabilitation, as she explained in an interview Wednesday. Leah Dinchak was rediscovering her voice with cheery shouts while working with a physical therapist on a bicycle.

“Mommy says ‘no’ almost like, to everything,” she told NBC 5. “She doesn’t want me to get sick. That’s nice mommy.” Her parents, Jennifer and Blake Dinchak, have been by her side since the beginning.

Just two months ago Leah fell into a coma after she was hit by a van in Lindenhurst. She suffered brain swelling and an injury to her spine, yet not one broken bone. CONTINUE