Congressman Makes an Important Stop to Visit Brain Injured Survivor


(TAPintoMiddletown) – Many elected officials are known for being easily seen. They are at every public event regularly having their photograph taken. Some even go as far as to hire photographers to follow them around.

They send frequent expensive glossy mailings to your doorstep, telling you how you should vote even when they may not be on the ballot…. Congressman Chris Smith, a veteran US Congressman is at many public events but he is different. It is for a singular reason that he is not at every ‘chicken dinner’. Smith is busy. Very busy working for YOU.

As a matter of fact, as of January 2018, Congressman Smith ranks second among all 435 Members of the House over the last two decades in the number of laws authored. Smith is a true Leader.

When a humanitarian need is brought to Smith’s attention, he doesn’t ask what political party anyone is associated with and what’s in it for him. He is ‘boots on the ground’ headed in the direction to where he can help. For Smith, sometimes that means jumping on an international flight to combat human trafficking. Other days it means a stop here in his district.

Recently, was the case when Smith visited with a local family in Middletown, with their own singular mission: Making their son well again. Their son’s name is Kevin Kret. The story is one of hope, faith and love. CONTINUE