Wesley J. Smith: Suing for ‘Elephant Rights’

Elephants Making Heart Shape with Trunks

(NRO) – Here we go again. Having failed in its recent attempt to have chimpanzees declared persons, the Nonhuman Rights Project is suing to the Bronx Zoo to have an elephant declared to be entitled to human-type rights. From the New York Post story:

The Nonhuman Rights Project announced Tuesday it is filing a suit against the zoo on behalf of the pachyderm, demanding the recognition of her “legal personhood and fundamental right to bodily liberty” as well as her transfer to an elephant sanctuary.

The group argues the elephant — best known as the first elephant to demonstrate self recognition in a mirror — is anything but “Happy” because she’s been isolated in captivity at the Zoo for 12 years, while the highly intelligent mammals are born to live in packs and roam free. CONTINUE