Man’s Remarkable Recovery After Eating Slug and Falling Into Coma


( – “I’ll give you ten bucks to eat that.” That was the dare facing 17-year-old Liam McGuigan on a school footy trip on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. His response: “It won’t kill me.”

Liam picked up a slug, put it in his mouth and swallowed it. He now realises how incredibly lucky he is to be telling his story, particularly this week, after a Sydney man died from doing the same thing.

In the days that followed Liam’s dare, the Year 12 student started feeling lethargic. His muscles stopped working. “I went to hospital and they thought it might be my appendix. So they took that out,” he tells from Brisbane.

Doctors were wrong. Within hours he was in the back of an ambulance, stripped naked, covered in ice to reduce his soaring temperature. CONTINUE