After Devastating Crash, High Schooler Player is Making a ‘Remarkable’ Recovery


(The Press Democrat) – Five months ago, Kellen Smith was on the eve of his junior football season at Upper Lake High School.

In the best shape of his life, strong and fit, and he was prepped and ready to play backup quarterback on the Cougars’ eight-man squad. But a late-night car crash ended his high school football season before it started.

He’s no longer learning plays and staying fit through weights and workouts. Today, Kellen Smith is relearning how to use his body. He’s improving his speech. He’s working on his balance.

His workouts are less about fitness and more about reintroducing his muscles to the memory of movement and coordination.

His goal? “To walk, to get out of this thing,” he said, glancing at the wheelchair he sits in. “I hate it so much.” CONTINUE