Miraculous Recovery After Life Threatening Brain Injury

cole larrieu

(Hudson Star-Observer) – On July 28, Cole Larrieu — a 1999 River Falls High School graduate — was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident that nearly took his life.

The convertible he was in went off the road, hit a driveway, launched into the air, hit a tree and landed upside down. Miraculously he survived but was left with the most severe kind of brain injury.

Three months ago, Cole was diagnosed with Diffuse Axonal, which is a brain injury that most likely would leave an individual in a nearly vegetative state. However, Cole has fought back and has been thriving through continued therapy.

“Things are going amazingly, all things considered. It is extremely hard recovering from a brain injury, or being a family member supporting somebody with a brain injury. A lot of people might look at Cole, or talk to him, and think he is really close to being back to normal. CONTINUE