Teen Says First Words Since Surviving Brain Injury

Jared Antle1

(The Virginia Gazette) – From walking to talking, Jared Antle continues to take his recovery day by day.

Antle suffered a traumatic brain injury in Harrisonburg in August when he was hit by a motorist who then drove off.

On Jan. 24, 19-year-old Jared uttered his first word since the Aug. 24 crash, according to his father Ed Antle. Jared said “yeah.”

“He has said ‘ I, I’m, tired,’ Cath (Jared’s mother) said he dropped the f-bomb a couple of times, ‘no,’ and ‘yeah’,” Ed Antle said.

Jared’s words have all come in context, according to his father. His mother would ask him if he was done with his supper and he’d respond “yeah.”

Jared participates in rigorous speech therapy in his current home, the Shepherd Center, a hospital in Atlanta, Ga., that deals strictly with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. CONTINUE