Court Orders France’s Terri Schiavo to be Starved to Death

Vincent-Lambert - Copy

(LifeSiteNews) — Vincent Lambert, known as France’s Terri Schiavo, has received his fourth death sentence after the administrative court of Châlons-en-Champagne validated a doctor’s decision to pull his feeding tube and administer deep sedation until he dies – a “process” that would take “about five days,” according to Dr. Pierre Sanchez.

The lengthy judiciary medical procedure surrounding Lambert, 42, who has been in a minimally conscious state for the last 10 years, has not reached its term yet.

His parents, Pierre and Viviane Lambert, will appeal the decision before France’s highest administrative court, the Council of State. They are determined to continue their fight against the “slow euthanasia” the medical and administrative authorities are trying to impose on their deeply handicapped son, their counsel, Jérôme Triomphe, told LifeSiteNews.

Viviane Lambert told LifeSite she is sure her son is cognizant of her, and described the way he reacts when she asks. CONTINUE