Teen Declared Dead Stuns Doctors with Astonishing Recovery


(TLE) – A teenager ‘almost killed’ when he was hit by a motorcycle doing 69mph as he walked on a pedestrian crossing has amazed doctors by marking a miracle recovery. Joe Boyer, 14, was carried for 140 yards, broke almost every bone in his body and suffered severe brain injury when his head hit a pavement.

Two off-duty police officers who rushed to the teenager’s aid at first believed the youngster had been killed in the crash in April 2016. However, Joe’s life was saved by the swift actions of the police officers and a brain injury specialist who incredibly was in an air ambulance transporting another patient.

Joe, from Chesterfield, South Yorks., was transported to Sheffield Children’s Hospital by helicopter where the extent of his injuries became apparent. In addition to a severe brain injury, Joe also had third-degree burns, femoral fractures, a fractured pelvis and spine as well as significant damage to his kidneys, lungs and spleen.

He was left unable to walk, eat or talk. CONTINUE