Stroke Survivor: Giving Hope To The Hopeless


(Plain Talk) – When it comes to seeing the glass half full, Sherri is a pro. At first glance, this lovely woman appears like any ordinary 55-year-old. Hard working. Good with words and numbers. A legal secretary in a large law firm for many years, now working in retail and customer relations.

“Have I told you my story,” she asked one day in passing. “No,” I said eagerly, sensing I was about to hear something remarkable.

It was June 15, 1997. Sherri and her husband, Tom, who had been married for about six years, were planning to visit Tom’s dad. After all, it was Father’s Day. The couple never made it. Sherri suddenly was stricken with a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Tom found her lying on the floor, and with a faint voice she said, “Something popped in my head.” After Tom’s urgent call to 911, paramedics struggled keeping his wife alive on the way to ER, where a neurosurgeon told her family he would need to operate immediately. During the six-hour surgery, she died three times.

“Did you see Heaven?” I asked. CONTINUE