Baby Born Without Skin Denied Treatment That Could Save His Life, Mom Says

Ja’bari Gray.jpg

(Fox 8) – A baby born without skin from the neck down has been denied a transfer to a hospital that could help save his life, News 4 San Antonio reports.

Ja’bari Gray is three months old and was born with a rare skin condition called Aplasia Cutis. His mother, Priscilla Maldonado, said she was told he could be treated at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

But she claims her insurance company told her the hospital was “out of network” and that it wouldn’t cover the transfer or stay.

“Lost, confused, hurt, you know, it’s a child’s life that’s on the line. It should be no questions asked. It should be approved how it is,” Maldonado told News 4. “From day one, they said he had no chance of surviving and I would hate to give up or everybody else to give up on him when he’s made it this far in life.” CONTINUE