Canada’s Bishops Allow Catholic Hospitals to Host Consultations for Euthanasia

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(LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s bishops were consulted on and agreed to secret guidelines by Catholic health sponsors that allow third-party euthanasia assessments of medically frail patients in Catholic health care facilities, LifeSiteNews has learned.

And while the Catholic health sponsors who drafted the guidelines in collaboration with ethicists and bishops concluded such assessments were not formal cooperation with evil, they failed to consider there are instances when material cooperation is gravely wrong, as is the case here, says Catholic moral theologian, Dr. E. Christian Brugger.

Allowing assessments for euthanasia at Catholic institutions is “morally wrongful cooperation” because it is “scandalous and a gross failure to bear witness to the Gospel,” said Brugger, who has a Ph.D. in Christian ethics from Oxford, and Masters degrees in moral theology and moral philosophy from Seton Hall, Harvard and Oxford Universities. CONTINUE