Recovering Texas Woman Facing Removal from Life Support Due to Red Tape

Carolyn Jones.jpg

(The Texan) – Carolyn Jones, a 61-year old resident of Beaumont, has lived in health care facilities since she suffered a severe stroke in late 2017. And unless the administrators at her hospital reverse their decision to follow the so-called 10-Day Rule, she may very well face death come Monday.

The 10-Day Rule is a result of the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA), a bill signed into law in 1999 by then-Governor George W. Bush. The legislation was supposed to be a conflict resolution attempt, outlining ways for patients and health professionals to settle disputes, in particular about end-of-life issues.

The rule stipulates that if doctors deem life-sustaining treatment futile, an ethics committee comprised of hospital employees reviews the decision for final determination. Should the committee concur, a family is provided written notice and has 10 days to secure treatment in another facility before basic care ceases. CONTINUE