Miraculous Healing Journey After Brain Injury

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(Cadillac News) – Mary Jane Dewey-Canfield was at her son’s track meet when she had a “mom‘ moment. It was cold and damp that day, but it didn’t matter. Her son was excelling.

“I watched Jim go up and down, he must have gone across that field 100 times before he did his events … back and forth,‘ she said. “I was weeping … look at him go. Look at him walk and do lunges.‘

Jim Canfield, 18, took third in the 3200 run that day. At the next meet, Dewey-Canfield ran into her son’s pre-school teacher, Mari Jezak, whose daughter Julia is also on the team.

“It was an incredible moment to see Jimmy running, winning and beating all the odds,‘ Jezak said. “Mary Jane and I don’t cross paths that often. We were together in the beginning and now this … It was a neat moment for us. It was so long ago. I remember when I heard the news. I was rocking Julia, she was a baby and she’s 15 now. Her son Jim — he is a miracle boy.‘ CONTINUE