Court Intervenes, Restores Food and Water Removed From “French Terri Schiavo”

Vincent Lambert Parents.jpg

(Aleteia) – In a medical case that has been compared to American Terri Schiavo, a French court on Monday ordered that nutrition and hydration continue to be provided for a quadriplegic man in a “vegetative state.”

Doctors in Reims, France, had begun ending life support for Vincent Lambert, 42, when the Paris Court of Appeal ordered it to be resumed Monday evening.

Lambert was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in 2008, suffering severe brain injuries. He is in a minimally conscious state, can breathe without artificial aid and occasionally opens his eyes. After several years of trying to improve his condition, Lambert’s medical team recommended in 2013 that care should stop, in consultation with his wife, Rachel, said the BBC.

Lambert’s parents have been fighting that decision. Lambert’s mother Viviane, 73, Monday’s court ruling as “a very big victory.” CONTINUE