Ohio Doctor Charged With Killing 25 Patients


(News 15) – One of the largest murder cases in Ohio history, involving a doctor accused of killing 25 patients, will hinge on his colleagues’ cooperation and what they can offer up at trial, legal experts say.

And what those former co-workers reveal may help shed light on something that has so far eluded investigators: a motive.

A six-month review into William Husel, an intensive care doctor at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus from 2015 to 2018, culminated Wednesday with his indictment. Franklin County prosecutors allege that Husel, 43, ordered excessive doses of opioids for those patients in intensive care, which either caused or hastened their deaths.

Many of those patients were in failing health and not alert when they came under Husel’s care, so “there would be no legitimate medical reason to administer” powerful painkillers, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said Wednesday. CONTINUE