Wesley J. Smith: The Left’s Continuing Lies about the Terri Schiavo Case


(NRO) – I was deeply immersed in the failed attempt to save Terri Schiavo’s life. Perhaps that’s why I feel duty-bound to correct every attempt by the left to revise the case’s history in order to wield it as a cudgel to attack conservatives.

Here’s the myth constantly pushed: Social-conservative Republicans interfered with the intimate family decision making of devoted husband Michael Schiavo, who selflessly sought to obey the express wishes of his beloved Terri not to be kept alive if in a profoundly cognitively disabled state. That’s a profound distortion — to put it kindly — of what really happened.

We find the latest such myth-weaving in a New York Magazine article criticizing the religious right for leaping to oppose the starvation death of Dutch teenager Noa Pothoven (which I did here, not because of religion but to defend the intrinsic value of life). I could deconstruct that nonsense too, but let’s stick with the Schiavo mendacity. CONTINUE