Wesley J. Smith: Canada Embraces Euthanasia ‘Kill and Harvest’

Canada Assisted Suicide.jpg

(NRO) – Canada has enthusiastically embraced euthanasia and all of its implications.

For example, following the crassly utilitarianism of Belgium and the Netherlands, the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association has published guidelines — written by a “blue ribbon panel,” don’t you know! — to govern when organ donation follows death by lethal injection euthanasia, a bureaucratic procedure that I bluntly call “kill and harvest.”

The media is all in. Recently, the Globe and Mail published a story extolling the idea — and now a medical writer for the CBC named Dr. Brian Goldman has endorsed kill and harvest.

But it is interesting, Goldman sees the protocol — that requires euthanasia before organ procurement — as merely a “first step.” Where might we expect the ever so nice Canadians to go from there? It’s not pretty. CONTINUE