Vincent Lambert’s Mother Pleads to United Nations for Help

Lamberts Mother.jpg

(AP) – The mother of a Frenchman in a vegetative state for over a decade pleaded for UN help Monday to stop her son’s “murder”, after a court ruled his life-support could be turned off.

“They want to murder Vincent,” Viviane Lambert told an event on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Vincent Lambert, 42, has been in a vegetative state since a 2008 traffic accident, but the question of whether to continue keeping him alive artificially has bitterly divided his family and the nation.

“Vincent is not at the end of his life. Vincent is not a vegetable,” Lambert said, adding that she had come to the UN to seek “help”.

In May, a UN committee on disabled rights, based in Geneva, asked France to keep Lambert alive while it conducted its own investigation into his fate. But the French government rejected that request as non-binding. CONTINUE