Brain Dead Teen Comes Alive During Funeral Preparations

Gandham Kiran.jpg

(International Business Times) – An 18-year-old brain dead boy recovered from coma when his family was preparing for his funeral. The incident took place in the Indian state of Telangana on Sunday.

Gandham Kiran, who was suffering from high fever and vomiting, was rushed to a nearby hospital on June 26. He was admitted after the doctors said he was suffering from severe hepatitis. Two days later, he was shifted to another hospital in the state’s capital Hyderabad.

“Kiran’s condition turned critical on June 28 and following the doctors’ advice, we shifted him to a corporate hospital in Hyderabad. There, he slipped into a coma and on July 3, the doctors told us that my son is brain-dead and there were no chances of his survival,” Saidamma, the boy’s mother, said.

Doctors then informed the boy’s mother that his condition was critical and suggested his life support be removed. They also told her to take him back home. Saidamma, a laborer, agreed to take the boy home but refused to take him off the life support. CONTINUE