California Football Player a ‘Living Miracle’ After Life-Threatening Head Injury

Angel Bravo.jpg

(USA Today High School Sports) – It was a typical play at the preseason 7-on-7 tournament Saturday at Carmel Middle School (Monterey County, California). An overthrown ball for junior Angel Bravo sailed just out of reach.

He leaped up in an attempt to catch the pass and fell back to the ground, first hitting the field with his back and continuing to his shoulders and the back of his head.

“The fall didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary,” Gonzales (California) High School head coach Art Berlanga said. “I’ve seen that fall hundreds of times.”

Bravo got up and felt a little dizzy. He said he was okay but one of the coaches at the tournament advised him to sit the next play out and rest. CONTINUE