Vet Trapped in His Own Body for 12 Years Rows the English Channel


(inews) – For 12 years Paul Smith couldn’t communicate with the outside world. He couldn’t speak, move or even cough to show he was in pain or needed food or water. The 60-year-old Navy veteran had to rely on his wife Jane and three daughters to keep him alive and doctors had no idea if he would ever recover.

Left with a brain injury and trapped in his own body with locked-in syndrome following a devastating road traffic accident, Paul didn’t even recognise the loved ones around him most days. All his family could do was hope and pray that he would one day come back to them.

Amazingly, their wishes came true when Paul suddenly began to make a recovery. Beginning with small movements and moments of awareness of his surroundings. within months he was able to communicate again, feed himself and sit up in a wheelchair. CONTINUE