‘A Miracle is Possible’: Thousands Pray for Recovery After Young Girl Suffers Head Injury


(Channel 3000) – Thousands of people from around the world are sending their best wishes and prayers to a Sun Prairie family following a fluke accident that severely injured their 7-year-old daughter.

Eva Love Sherbondy is fighting against the odds to get better in an intensive care unit. She fell off a golf cart in late August and hit her head hard, leading to emergency surgery and severe inflammation.

Dugan Sherbondy, Eva’s father, said her name means “life,” and she exemplifies that as a little girl full of energy and joy. He said that’s what makes seeing her in her current condition that much harder.

“There have been indescribably difficult moments,” he said, adding that more than that, the experience has been “uncharted,” and he and his wife, Lindsay, have relied heavily on their faith throughout this process.

“It’s felt even when there are tears and extremely difficult moments or conversations or embraces, there’s something deep down, it’s like, we’re still standing.” CONTINUE