‘One in a Million’: 14-Year-Old Survives After Boat Anchor Slips, Gets Lodged in His Skull

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(KTLA 5) – Caleb Bennett has always felt at home on boats. The 14-year-old from Manatee County, Florida, grew up on the water, taking fishing trips with his family. He was on a boat when the anchor got lodged in his skull.

The teen survived a major brain injury after an anchor on a boat struck him in the head. His recovery, doctors said, is a miracle. The incident earned Caleb a new nickname, too — “Anchorman.”

Caleb was with his friends and brother when the anchor slipped from the back of their boat.

The line holding it pulled tight, and the anchor swung back and hit his forehead. So he caught the anchor in his hands, dropped to his knees and tried not to move the metal protruding from his head. CONTINUE