Defying Doctors: Poplar Grove Woman Thriving After Brain Injury


(WREX) — A traumatic brain injury in 2011 nearly cost a Poplar Grove teen her life. When she survived, doctors still had serious doubts about her recovery. Doubts that she would quell to their amazement.

Chloe Brunke’s come a long way. Her walk is a bit wobbly and she talks slowly, but the fact she can do either is nothing short of a miracle. “I remember thinking, it was all a dream. When obviously we know it wasn’t,” said Brunke.

Chloe can’t remember what happened that fateful December day in 2011, but her mother remembers everything. Chloe was t-boned by a pickup truck roughly a mile from her home. She was rushed to OSF and doctors were not optimistic.

“She said, I was with your daughter, and I was like OK. And she says, it doesn’t look good,” said Ellen Kaduk.

Kaduk said her daughter had no broken bones and there was no blood, all the damage was somewhere no one could see it. CONTINUE