‘Very, Very Concerning’: Italian Court Opens Door to Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide - Copy

(LifeSiteNews) ― Italy’s top court has set a precedent that may lead to overturning the country’s laws against assisted suicide.

On September 25, Italy’s Constitutional Court handed down a decision that it is not always a crime to help someone commit suicide if he is being “kept alive by life support,” “is suffering from an irreversible pathology, a source of suffering that he considers intolerable” but is fully capable of making the free and conscious decision to end his life.

The court was considering the case of Marco Cappato, 48, a right-to-die activist and member of Italy’s Radical Party who drove a blind, tetraplegic man who wished to die to Switzerland in 2017.

Fabiano Antoniani, a music producer best known as “DJ Fabo,” had lost his sight and the use of his limbs in a car accident in 2014. CONTINUE