Wesley J. Smith: Canada Goes Softly Authoritarian

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(The American Spectator) – Canada has become quietly authoritarian, its government and courts increasingly persecuting a cadre of its minority citizens. No, victims aren’t subject to arrest, nor are concentration camps being opened.

Rather, this is a soft despotism — authorized by law — that compels victims to choose between their consciences and full participation in Canadian society.

Who are these wronged Canadians, you ask? Not racial minorities. Not refugees. Not sexual subgroups. Those vulnerable populations are amply protected and embraced in society.

No, the victims of Canada’s soft authoritarianism are religious people who are being systematically and officially discriminated against because they refuse to violate their faith principles that conflict with reigning secularist dogmas.

The most explicit assaults on religious freedom have been mounted in the medical fields against Catholic (and other) religious professionals and institutions. CONTINUE