Man Makes Remarkable Recovery After Traumatic Accident

Jim Nelson.jpg

(KRDO) – A man is crediting his ability to walk and talk to a group right here in Colorado Springs. After a horrific cycling accident 11 years ago left him with brain injuries affecting his ability to walk, he finally has gotten his life back.

On Sept. 3, 2008 Jim Nelson was looking to get in shape, so he took his bike out to do just that.

“That utility road went down hill for a ways so I had gotten up to a pretty good speed on my mountain bike,” Nelson told us.

He was going 25 miles an hour, and had no idea fate was just around the corner.

“The bottom of the gully had been washed out. Of course, going that fast, you can’t stop the bike really quickly and the bike went into the gully and I pitched forward and landed on my face,” he said. CONTINUE