South Dakota Rallies Around High School QB After Brain Injury

Trevor Zuehlke.jpg

(Argus Leader)  – On Oct. 20, the Britton-Hecla football team gathered at head coach Pat Renner’s house for a big meal and an even bigger matter.

Together, they talked and they cried, and Renner gave them the chance to sit out their upcoming game against Ipswich/Edmunds Central. Nobody would have blamed the young athletes for having too much on their minds to play football.

But their decision was unanimous and firm. The Braves would be brave for their quarterback. “Everybody on the team stepped up like I’ve never seen before,” Renner said. “They had a different look in their eyes.”

The result was a resounding 74-20 victory Thursday night. That was without star junior Trevor Zuehlke, who suffered a serious head injury during an Oct. 18 game at Warner. CONTINUE